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IITW The Game

IITW The Game

Do you meet the minimal talent requirements necessary to entertain the masses?
Are you willing to ruin every moment with incessant content creation?

Congratulations, you’re ready to be an influencer.
Experience the underwhelming life change a huge following brings with your new favorite board game.

Adults Only: This game has adult content and was created for ages 17+

What's Inside?

  • Full Color Game Board
  • 6 Influencer Playing Pieces
  • Game Die
  • 150 Game Cards
  • 150 Clout Cards

The Game

Step 1: Collect Your Clout
Each player starts with 100k followers because why not? Everything is meaningless.

Step 2: Roll The Die
The player with the largest social media following goes first. Roll the die and play according to the space landed on. The player to their left rolls next.

Step 3: Race to L.A.
As you move along the board, you’ll complete challenges, get rewarded, and face penalties specific to the spectacular life of an influencer. Prove the power of your fake popularity on your way to the “big pink wall” in Los Angeles.

Step 4: Have fun!
Enjoy some self-deprecating humor and friendly roasting. Get creative with the card challenges and post on social media with #influencersgame to increase your chances of being featured on our main account!

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